Oil to Gas Conversion in Paterson NJ

Should You Switch from Oil to Gas Heating?


If you’re replacing your oil heater and boiler replacement, you may want to compare gas and oil heat and see if you can switch to cheaper, cleaner gas heating with a new furnace installation.


According to the US Energy Information Administration, if you heat your house with nj oil, it costs about $1,700, whereas you heat it with natural gas for less than $900 per month. In 2002 when oil prices peaked, oil heating cost an average of $2,000; natural gas was again around $900. Since then oil heating fuel oil has averaged about 30% to 50% more than gas each year.


So, if you need to replace your old oil-burning furnace or boiler, you might be wondering if it makes sense. Here's how to do the math for gas conversion in nj.


What kind of fuels are available in your area?


A third of the country already uses natural gas and only 8% uses oil; most others use electricity or propane to heat because that's what's available locally. Oil-burners are primarily found in the Northeast, where they account for 31% of residential heating.This is mainly because the region is near ports where oil barges deliver their loads, and oil was an affordable option back when these houses were built.


Like oil, which is delivered by truck, natural gas is piped directly into your home by a utility company. Making the switch requires a gas main below your street. The majority of urban and suburban areas in the Northeast have gas lines, even in oil-dominated neighborhoods. In the event yours does not, you may be able to convince the local utility to install a gas main if enough neighbors band together to make the request.


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What will the cost of the furnace replacement equipment be in Paterson NJ?


Natural gas furnace equipment is less expensive than oil furnace equipment. For an entry level furnace (for forced air heating system) or boiler (for hot water heating system) you'll pay around $1,500 to $3,000 for gas and about $2,000 to $8,000. For a high efficiency system, you pay $3,500 to $5,500 for gas compared to $4,500 to $10,000 for oil.An energy-efficient unit of either kind is eligible for a tax credit up to $300 as well as local incentives.


What Does the Oil to Natural Gas Hookup Cost?


The gas connection process has two components: outside and inside. The gas utility company runs an underground pipe from the main to your house, where it installs a meter. This requires using a backhoe to dig a trench from the road to the house and typically costs $1,000 to $1,500. However, it is possible that the utility will waive or reduce that charge in order to gain your patronage.The contractor will handle the second part of the installation, which consists of piping gas from the meter to your heater, typically at a cost of $500-$1,000.


What Other Expenses Are Involved in Oil to Gas Conversion?


Gas conversion may require you to line your chimney ($750 to $2,000), as gas-derived moisture can damage the masonry. Since liners aren't needed with high-efficiency gas systems, that, combined with tax incentives, explains why nearly all of our conversion customers choose high-efficiency equipment. Though it is probably unnecessary, you'll probably choose to have your tank removed and  remove your oil tank for another $750 or so if it's above ground to $3,000 if it's buried.



Convert Your Oil to Gas in Paterson NJ: The Bottom Line


Can it be worth spending a few thousand dollars for an oil to gas conversion? At last year's prices, your fuel-cost savings alone will pay for the whole thing in less than five years. But as the stock-market caveat goes, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The majority of natural gas is mined in North America, so its price is less volatile than oil, which is an international commodity. However, there's no way to know for sure if gas will continue its substantial price advantage. The final decision usually comes down to how complicated the conversion in new jersey will be for your house—and what you are being offered by utilities and state agencies.


We can also help you with commercial hvac services and convert a commercial oil system to gas with a gas boiler installation.

Despite this, there are other reasons other than money to make the switch with a gas conversion for home heating. A gas furnace produces fewer carbon emissions than heating oil, so it's a better choice for the environment. Additionally, once you have a gas line installed, you can get that stove with six burners that you've always wanted.


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Water Heater Installation


Did you know? Water heater replacement and water heater repair are also services we perform.You may also want to convert a water heater to gas at the same time with gas installation. 


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